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rss 160 weeks ago
I received the Doctor Lost shirt in a Men's Medium in the most recent grab bag. I am not a Lost fan at all. This shirt needs a good home where someone will wear it and love it. Who out there finds themselves in the same boat with a shirt they wish to send to a loving home? I am looking for a new men's medium in return.

Doctor Lost

Shirts I am interested in:

Hogwarts Mail
Apache Aldo's
Gallifrey Road
Miyagi's SuperWax
Magic Training Corps.
Dali's Mechanical Horses
San Angeles Replicants
Petty Morality
Eleven Doctors
The Whos
Buddha Bot

If I got my wish, I would trade it for a San Angeles Replicants shirt. Of course, if you have something and you think I might like it. Post it. I am open to all trades.

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