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rss 160 weeks ago
Email: [email protected]

I have 4 shirts - 1 is from a previous grab bag. I am looking for Men's Larges.

Looking to trade the following shirts:

Boomstick II
Scooby Who
Vulcan Mind
Snitches Be Crazy (Previous Grab Bag - But Unworn)

I'd Like the following shirts but I'm open to other shirts as well:

Dali's Mechanical Horses
Hoth Wompas
Here's Johnny

The Gallifrey Road
Job Security
Albert Funkenstein
Walter's Sweet Shoppe
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    160 weeks ago
    Webmaker XXL for your scooby who?
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    160 weeks ago
    email sent...
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    160 weeks ago
    Gotta pass on that xxl. Larges only please.
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    159 weeks ago
    Snitches be crazy is off the board.
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    159 weeks ago
    Boom stick ii is off the board.

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