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rss 160 weeks ago

I have the following shirts, brand new from the grab bag (unworn, unwashed):

Men's large

Women's XL

Willing to trade or sell

Looking for anything Dr. Who, Torchwood, Harry Potter, Conan, StarWars...also "Honeybadger Don't Care"....

If you have these in WXL, ML or MM I am also interested in buying


email at c.wiese(at) or comment here

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    160 weeks ago
    is pending is traded

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    159 weeks ago
    I don't know if I have anything you are interested in trading for, but I really wanted a Flesh Wound shirt in WXL.

    I got Cardiff Rugby and Black Ops Teddy which I would love to trade for. If not, I would love to buy Flesh Wound from you - let me know. [email protected]

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