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rss 159 weeks ago
I have the following shirts to trade. I received them new from the Grab bag today and have little to no interest in either (I was hoping to at least get one I liked!)
Death Rock in Men's XL
Drink Nuka in Men's XXL

There's quite a few shirts I'd be cool to trade for, but I am looking for Men's XXL (I ordered a XL to see if it would be big enough, but alas it's not)

Comment here or shoot me an email at wrongheaven@g[email protected]

Thanks :)
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    159 weeks ago
    I want Death ROCK!

    I have Son of Orange and Wizard Training Corps. Both XXL unwashed unworn.

    However, if you don't want to trade I might just buy it off of you?

    Email me at [email protected]
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    159 weeks ago
    Looks like the Death Rock shirt is off the market!

    I still have the Drink Nuka shirt in Men's XXL to trade for, or I can sell it for a fair price!

    [email protected] if you're interested, or you can comment here!
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    159 weeks ago
    Bumping! Drink Nuka is still available!

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