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rss 159 weeks ago
In the grab bag I got a few shirts that I don't really see my self wearing. So I'm hoping to trade them. At the moment I have no shirt/s in mind to trade them for, so I'm taking offers.

The shirts for trade are...
Scooby Who...

Infinite Bacon...

It is what it is...

So if you're up for trading either leave a little message here or you can email me at [email protected]
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    159 weeks ago
    I'm interested in the Scooby Who shirt. Would you want either of these?

    Peace in Space

    Lie to Me
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    159 weeks ago
    I'd be interested in the Lie to Me shirt. Please email me and I'll send you the address to mail it to, and you can send me yours.
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    159 weeks ago
    I'd definitely be interested in Scooby Who. Any chance you would want to trade for a Womens Medium Black Ops Teddy?

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