I have three shirts for trade in Women's size SMALL

1. Walter's Sweet Shoppe
2. E=MC^2
3. Don't Blinkg

I'm willing to trade for any of the following in Women's Small or Medium

Slice of Life
Hogwarts Mail
Job Security
Flesh Wound
Jail Birds
Pipe Dreams
Magic Within
Extreme Terrestrial
Accio Brains
Magic Training Corps
My Roots
Guided Tours
It’s a Show About Nothing

my email is [email protected] =)
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    160 weeks ago
    bump =)
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    160 weeks ago
    Here is what I have... sadly none on your list, but I'm interested in Don't blink.

    Women's Small
    You've got red on you - http://www.teefury.com/archive/1170/You_ve_Got_Red_on_You/
    Lie to me - http://www.teefury.com/archive/1208/Lie_To_Me/
    MysteryTheater3K - http://www.teefury.com/archive/1164/MysteryTheater3K/
    HoneyBadger don't care - http://www.teefury.com/archive/1226/HoneyBadger_Don_t_Care/ (note: this shirt says Women's small, but it is larger and looks like a Women's Medium)

    Women's Medium
    Guaranteed Smile - http://www.teefury.com/archive/799/Guaranteed_Smile/

    I also just traded a different shirt for Stare Down contest if you don't mind waiting for me to get it. I'm willing to trade that for Don't Blink.
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    159 weeks ago
    I have Pipe Dreams in a women's small if you're interested in trading it for Don't Blink. I also have one with a lion on it that I couldn't find in the gallery. Not sure what it's called... E-mail me at LesleyHayes4 at yahoo dot com if you'd like to trade.
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    159 weeks ago
    I don't have the shirts you're looking for, but if you can't get any more offers, I have Prydon Academy: http://www.teefury.com/archive/1008/Prydon_Academy/
    and Gargle Blaster: http://www.teefury.com/archive/1106/Gargle_Blaster/
    both in WS (unopened!).
    I'd like to trade for either Walter's Sweet Shoppe or Don't Blink.
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    158 weeks ago
    Daniwho- I don't want to trade for any of your shirts but I will sell you my Walter's Sweet Shoppe. Email me at [email protected] =)

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