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rss 160 weeks ago
I have in Mens XL
Ultimate 80's Ride
Scooby Who
Bonus Stage

I am looking for but am open to most all
Unforgetable Walk
Hoth Wampas
Dali's Mechanical Horses
Magic Training Corps
Cardiff Rugby
Queen Swan
Magic Within
Dr Lost
Chilled Monkey Brains
The Gallifrey Road

drop me a note at aubs42(at)hotmail(dot)com
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    160 weeks ago
    I have Hoth Wampas, wanna trade for 80's Ride?
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    160 weeks ago
    Sure. Send me and e-mail with your info.

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    160 weeks ago
    Hi - I have M XL StarWalk - - it's not brand new, but comes from a nonsmoking home.

    I'd be interested in trading for Scooby Who or Bonus Stage.

    Just let me know!

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    160 weeks ago
    I would trade you Bonus Stage for Star Walk. Send me and e-mail.

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