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rss 160 weeks ago
Hey, I got a few from the grab-bag that I'd love to trade. I'm especially looking for Walter's Sweet Shoppe in Mens M

What I have: Mens M

Miyagi's Super Wax

Jail Birds

Looking for in Men's M: (in order of importance)

Walter's Sweet Shopee (willing to buy)

Browncoats Forever

Slice of Life Tours

Serenity Sake

Thanks for looking
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    160 weeks ago
    I am interested in the Myiagi's Super Wax shirt. I have a brand new medium men's Doctor Lost shirt I got it in the June Grab Bag. Let me know what you think of my proposed trade.
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    160 weeks ago
    Hey, thanks for the offer, I'm not the biggest fan of lost and mainly looking for the ones on my list. Let me know if you come across any of those and I'll post anything else I get my hands on.

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