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rss 160 weeks ago
This might sound self-explanatory, but all to often you'll get caught up in your work, and unexpectedly, ILLUSTRATOR CRASHES!! This actually just happened to me. I was vectorizing my Crossing Rivers design, and Illustrator just crashed out of nowhere. So 2 hours of work, all lost, just because I forgot to save. As soon as you start a document, save it. Then whenever you finish a layer, Save. Once you've saved the first time, all you need to do is hit Ctrl+S It's a little step that can save you lots of frustration, and screaming into a pillow.

As for my design, I need to calm down a bit before I can resume work. It should be up later tonight.
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    160 weeks ago
    sorry to hear that

    been there, done that
    and ever since that I save my work every time I finish a certain bigger step. I also back up my WIPs every evening (twice ... local harddrive & webdrive). once you're used to that procedure it just becomes part of working on a computer.

    saved me a lot of trouble a more than once

    so I guess ... better save than sorry
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    160 weeks ago
    haha, it just crashed again. but this time I only lost a couple layers... I did forget to save for a while, but at least I still don't need to start over... again.
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    155 weeks ago
    This is Rule #1 for anything computer-related that you're pouring your soul into. Ctrl + S (or Apple + S on an iMac) often. Maybe even every five minutes. If you can work to music, set a Playlist running and every time a song ends, save. If you're not sure if you saved at the end of the last song, save again.

    Good addition to the TIPS list.

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