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rss 147 weeks ago
Hello all! I on the chance to get some of the cool older out of print shirts bought the max amount of shirts and low and behold I do not like any of the ones I received.

I am willing to trade the following:

Spectral Smashers

Milton Maze

Miyagi’s Super Wax

The Other Mac

Chilled Monkey Brains

Apache Aldos Surplus


Silent Night

Toasty BBQ

Job Security

Hogwarts Mail

The Seer

Willing to trade two for one for anything Doctor Who or Star Wars.

Three for one for the following (hell, I will throw in some extras just because):

The Gallifrey Road

Cantina Road

Love The Beatles!

Please email me at [email protected] or leave a message here.

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    146 weeks ago
    I Have:

    Work Hard And Be Kind

    Stare Down Contest

    Valhalla State Park
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    146 weeks ago
    What would you like for the Stare Down Contest? Please let me know.

    Except Chilled Monkey Brains, Job Security are gone and possibly the Seer is taken.

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    146 weeks ago
    I would like, no LOVE, Toasty BBQ.. Ive got Scooby Who, You've Got Red on You and, I'm not your one night stand. Larges not worn.

    Please let me know via email> roxbury812 @ comcast . net
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    146 weeks ago
    Hi, I have a large men's Gallifrey road that I'd be willing to trade with you. Shoot me an email if you're still interested and we can work out the details: [email protected]
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    146 weeks ago
    Is The Seer still available at all?
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    146 weeks ago
    laharl15 said: Is The Seer still available at all?

    I have it on hold for another trade, but I haven't heard anything back from them. What have you got?
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    146 weeks ago
    I have in men's large if you are interested in it. I see several shirts on your list that I like.
    Let me know! c.wiese(at)
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    146 weeks ago
    If you're interested I have:
    Men's Large - Extreme Terrestrial

    Men's Large - Music Pirate

    I would love to trade for Hogwart's Mail or Milton Maze.

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