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rss 148 weeks ago
After ordering a shirt for my boyfriend and myself, I realized, there are a few too many "doctor who" and "harry potter" tees up for this months grab bag.... Uh oh?..

Not looking forward to trading, but, after reviewing the choices there are only about 45 out of 100 I would wear, not bad, could be worse.. I guess. But really I know that is the exciment about it all. Almost like Christmas :) a random package with something probably pretty cool inside.

Still.. Anyone else a little nervous about their grab bag?..

And a side note-Please PLEASE print, process and ship orders sooner!!! I hate having to wait three weeks for my totally awesome tee!!
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    148 weeks ago
    ok, the average wait for your tees is up to you. It takes teefury about 5-7 days to process, print, and ship your shirt out of there location. From that point, the shipping time is up to you. You can pay the standard shipping and wait a couple days or you can pay for faster service.
    I myself personally don't mind waiting two weeks for a shirt that is original and can't be found many place. when I have ordered my shirts from Teefury, from the time I order it to the time it ships it takes about two weeks. Where else can you find an awesome shirt that someone made for under 13 dollars?
    If you don't like waiting, pay for faster shipping
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    147 weeks ago
    When you say uh-oh about HP and DW shirts, does that mean you'd want to trade those if you got them?
    I also bought my boyfriend and myself tees from the grab bag and we're hoping to get some of the DW and HP shirts we missed out on.
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    147 weeks ago
    Yes, the awesomeness makes the wait a little easier.. But not much. As for the grab bag, the tees are supposedly printed already.. so still, why the long wait? As for shipping it might just be where I live, but, lowest-highest shipping cost doesn't really matter, they still take pretty much the same time to get here...

    And the "uh oh" does mean I would want to trade! Finally after a whole 8 days I got my shipping conformation early this morning. If I get a hp or dw I would surely love to trade up. I ordered a men's M and woman's S.. I'm still hoping for something good though :)
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    147 weeks ago
    I have a women's S and two women's M on the way, so add me to the list of people who would be interested in trading if you do get "stuck" with HP or who :)

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