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Hello. Teefury guys.

Last year, I worked for US NIKE t-shirts design team with freelance.
Recently, my new Nike T-shirts 'Free faster' is published.
So, I'd like to promote my designed shirts to Teefury.

A few years ago, I made some of new personal X-ray style artwork sereies 'Analysis creatures' . This Nike's new design 'Free faster' is inspired by my former artworks 'Analysis creatures'. 'Free faster' is dynamic figures that made of all parts of Nike's new shoes 'Free Run +2'.
You can find it's shoes details.

Art director : Colin Strandberg
Shirts color : 3 color (BLACK, WHITE, ORAGE)

Buy T-shirt

I hope every TeeFury guys like it. So many guys will visit Nike webpage, and encourage me.

Sorry for my Enlish is not good.

Thanks. (^ ^)//

Wonman Kim (From SEOUL, KOREA)
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    161 weeks ago
    Wow!! Every single anatomical detail is made from running shoes and laces.

    That. Is. INCREDIBLE.

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