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rss 162 weeks ago
Hi guys,

So it's been a couple of weeks and I haven't heard from TeeFury so I'm thinking this one is a dud. I went ahead and put it on my RedBubble, but I'm curious what you guys think. Also I'm not very good with HTML so I'm just going to put the link here.

The idea might be too obscure, it's from Fallout New Vegas, there was an inkblot test at the beginning and people thought that it looked like 2 bears high fiving. It's a pretty funny idea, and my husband asked me to make a shirt for him of it so I did.

Please let me know what you think, I have an art degree but shirt design isn't illustration and I would love any pointers you might have.

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    162 weeks ago
    It looks pretty sweet to me. I'm not a big gamer so I wouldn't get the fallout reference but it's still a cool design. Maybe tone down the grey splotches (or even take them out completely) to clean it up a bit but like I said I think it's killer.
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    162 weeks ago
    thanks beware,

    I'm working on a less obscure shirt now, and I'm hoping to have it submitted in a week or so. I love the community on here, everyone is so friendly and helpful. The teefury family have really inspired me to design again.

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