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rss 162 weeks ago
Hi all!

If I marked the wrong box or if TeeFury made a mistake I'll never know, but for some reason I got my two San Angeles Replicants t-shirts in size XL. I need size L!

It's not like the XL is just a little bigger than the L, it's "I'll never be happy with this t-shirt!"-bigger!
In other words; If I can't swap these t-shirts, I'll have to pretend I never bought them and get rid of them.

Ultimately I would like to swap both my San Angeles Replicants XL's for two San Angeles Replicants L's.
However, knowing that the chance of anyone out there sitting with an L wishing they had an XL is slim, I figure the chance of someone sitting with two Ls whishing they had two XLs is beyond slim.

Anyway, anyone up for a swap?

I live in Sweden, btw!

Have a nice day!

Michael Pold


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