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rss 163 weeks ago
Hyrule Sausage Link:


Han shot first:

I know there's like a million different takes on this, but I was thinking super simple characters like the ones you might see outside of public bathrooms or on street signs.

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    149 weeks ago
    Haha, Sausage Link. That's pretty dang funny, but I'm not sure if it's a buy unless it had more goin' for it in the design. It has real potential though! Keep up the hard work! BTW, I loved your AD design!
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    149 weeks ago
    Love the Sausage Link. My filthy minded partner thought it looked like your Wiener had a Wiener. Something about the bit at the bottom.

    I'm not keen at all on the Han Shot first meme. The rough illustration style is rather good though and you've captured the poses quite nicely. There are plenty of people that would probably go for it. Or you could work the road sign idea into another, there's something funny about very simplified identifiable characters. Especially when you can make them as expressively as you have.

    May I ask, with the Link picture is that a scan or is it drawn in a paint package, if so which one did you use? I like the varied line width and would like to imitate it for one of my designs.
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    149 weeks ago

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