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rss 280 weeks ago
"2. We prefer artists who have some ability to market themselves on the internet to help us promote the design."

Hey maybe this is a stupid question but I was just wondering if someone could explain this a bit more for me.

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    280 weeks ago
    Since I was the one to write the side information...

    When I REALLY want to pimp a design, whether to sell or to win a contest, these are the things I do

    1. Post a notice on my blog
    2. Post the design at
    3. Post the design at
    4. Post the design at
    5. Send out a newsletter to my mailing list
    6. Update to have the latest design front and center
    7. If possible, create a tutorial or some other resource for another avenue of exposure through other blogs, websites, etc.

    Most of the time, I only do 1, 3, 5, & 6.

    Seriously though, if I was giving 110% in my internet marketing efforts, I would tackle and start collecting a fanbase over there as well. Also recently started lurking at
    Participating in online communities is a great way to garner friends and support.
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    280 weeks ago
    Good question. That's what I do on deviantArt.
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    280 weeks ago
    don't forget Flickr. I imagine twitter and face book are quite useful too if you have them. I have a blog but zero traffic, I have got to need to work out an incentive to attract people
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    280 weeks ago
    I think facebook is a great way to advertise - just drop it in your status and then bump it with updates all day.

    that said...I've only done that once.

    but I plan to in the future.
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    280 weeks ago
    So does TeeFury care about the next day's shirt being a surprise? Like would it be a problem to post everywhere "My design Whatever is being printed on this specific date so go get one..."
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    280 weeks ago
    I'd say that our preference is for it to be a surprise (not that this is enforced in any way, lol). What I'd recommend is posting as soon as possible on the night your shirt runs. For instance, on nights when something I've curated is printed, I usually have a blog post saved and scheduled to run at exactly one minute after the shirt is posted on TeeFury.

    In terms of marketing before a print, I think Patchitect had a lot of success with doing a countdown to a big announcement- which was of course his shirt Tin Man Tin Can being printed here :)

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