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rss 150 weeks ago
These are some designs that I thought were submission ready but after the feedback I got realized they needed some tweaking. I have done so and would like to resubmit but I don't want the powers that be to feel spammed. Is there a certain way to resubmit to avoid any bad ju ju (and in the future I will be sure a design is 100% ready to go before submitting)?

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    150 weeks ago
    I see you've gone with the IngSoc colors (nicely done).

    I would wait three weeks from your original submission date, for one. I originally submitted this...


    ...but almost instantly realized I needed to put a bit more work into it, and so far I have this...


    I'm not even going to reconsider resubmitting this again until the middle of June. It gives more people a chance to submit their work, and if I get any sudden ideas of how to improve 'version 2' in the next two weeks, I won't be kicking myself.

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    150 weeks ago
    I will take your advice thank you.

    Ps new design looks awesome. I however would like the word "just" put back in there

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