I bought the Dark Tower design a few weeks ago immediately...it was perfect. But apparently I never got it in the mail despite delivery confirmation telling me it was delivered to the address. I've been checking with the post office and they're working on it but I'm not hopeful.

Maybe it's ka...idk but I want that shirt! I'd like it in large size, but XL is acceptable. Condition of shirt must be good, I will pay through paypal. 20 dollars with shipping in the U.S.

Thankee sai
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    164 weeks ago
    Still have it in 2xl!

    Perfect condition!!
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    161 weeks ago
    Great shirt my favorite by far. Please more Dark Tower art.
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    157 weeks ago
    I have one Men's XL Ka-Tet of Ninteen available for sale or trade. Worn and washed (cold water, line dried) once.

    I also have one Men's XL of the more recent Dark Tower shirt for sale or trade, never worn, never washed.

    If you're interested email me at [email protected]
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    157 weeks ago
    I have a ML of this...do you have any shirts to trade, or do you want a purchase only? Feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]

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