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rss 164 weeks ago

Is this worth pursueing/submitting? XD

I was debating text to put at the bottom.

#1: "Tell me what you see?"
#2: A blank with the word "Terror" penciled in shakily
#3: A blank with the word "Butterfly :D " written on it.

Or, I could put it on Rorschach's mask face thing, and have it say something like "That certainly issss a nice finger... Would be a ssssshame if ssssssomething happened to it." Since he broke people's fingers like... 18 times in that movie.

That's a bit ambitious for me though...
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    164 weeks ago

    Always forget :p
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    164 weeks ago
    just put sssssss is shakey handwriting, and have it trail off like the guy's hand slipped.

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