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rss 164 weeks ago
Hey, I'm kinda new to TeeFury although I've checked out designs almost everyday for the past couple weeks. I'm only 17 so i have no means of buying clothes online, but i know once i get a credit card, it'll go into buying an awesome tee. This is my first serious submission to TeeFury so i want to get it right. I thought this would be a cool way to represent my hate for clowns. Please please give any feedback or suggestions.

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    164 weeks ago
    Nice artwork. You have a future, kiddo.

    There is a six color maximum for accepted designs. Black, white, gray, green, red, salmon. You also have dark purple, light purple, gray.

    You'd need to find a way to eliminate some colors, or use some artistic techniques to get more from your palette (see this thread, for example, for how you can use the freely available artwork program GIMP to create a transition between one color and another using dots). 

    Half the battle in getting a tee shirt accepted is to have your design in a format that can be printed with minimal tweaking from the company. The other half is having good art, and you don't seem to have a problem there.
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    164 weeks ago
    I dig it.

    Ps you don't have to have a credit card to purchase online you can use your bank debit card if you have one?
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    164 weeks ago
    @beware yeah i don't have one of those either, which is a real shame cause i've had to pass up on some awesome stuff.

    @jackpot thanks for the advice! That was one of the things i was worried about when i read the submission rules. i'll try to incorporate those threads into the design and hopefully get into the color minimum.

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