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rss 151 weeks ago
Trying to submit for the first time but I get a blank screen every attempt, I have read here that this is not a successful submission.
File is well within specifications.
I have tried on 3 different machines now to no avail, any help would be appreciated.
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    151 weeks ago
    The only think I can suggest is checking the filesize. I once mistook kB for MB, and the size was way too big.
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    151 weeks ago
    Nope, not file size.
    Thanks for the response though.
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    71 weeks ago
    I'm having the same problem... Is there any solution?
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    70 weeks ago
    it submitted, after personally having this issue many times over I emailed Teefury directly the person was very nice and informed me that yes my shirt was in the que and kindly forgave me the 8 duplicate submissions lol.

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    65 weeks ago
    Ouch! I think I been bombing them. If someone from the staff reads this, please, excuse my hundreds of submissions. :)

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