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rss 152 weeks ago
On an episode of Parks and Recreation, Tom Haverford calls Ron Swanson
Ron Corleone.

I think it would be amazing if someone could make a Mix of Don Corleone with the face of Ron Swanson.

Does anyone think it could be possible ?


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    151 weeks ago
    Hi !

    Well, I tried to do something on my own (first time I do something like that) !

    Here's the link to tinypic, I didn't manage to put it here !

    What do you guys think ?

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    151 weeks ago
    I like it. Too close to S. Neil Fujita's font and The Godfather for use without copyright concerns? Well, Fujita died last October but Paramount Pictures is very much alive. I like it, so the usual rules apply: submit it, let the Gods of TeeFury sort it out.
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    151 weeks ago
    Thanks ! Concerning copyright, i think you might be right but without the font, I don't think it would be as nice ...

    But about the "puppeteer hand", I think I can try and put something more Swansonesque like a burger or a saxophone...

    I'm gonna work on it !

    Thanks again !
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    150 weeks ago

    So I made a few changes. I transformed the rose and made one of bacon and put the pyramid of greatness instead of the logo. Plus, I changed the font but still made a little Godfather twist to it.

    Here's the link :

    Thoughts ?

    Thanks !

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