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rss 165 weeks ago
Hey guys, there's a tee idea I have and then there's this I have no artistic ability. Anyone want to put this on paper for me?

[email protected]

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    165 weeks ago do understand the person submitting the artwork gets the spoils if it's selected, right?!!
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    165 weeks ago
    I'm up for it, but only if i get to keep all the cash I make and I'll give you credit for the original idea
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    165 weeks ago
    I do understand that. Unfortunately I really don't have any talent.
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    165 weeks ago
    ...are you not even going to give us a wee hint as to the basic premise of what you want?

    Personally speaking: if someone said they had an idea of a ninja surrounded by three zombie pirates, I'd think of ways to make it work (but confess that I'd want it to look like Ian Gibson artwork so I'd have to pass because of my limited skills). If it's a mash-up of two film ideas, or a weird product or company name only mentioned once in one film (example: serial number 9906947-XB71 on something, or the company logo from Prosser and Ankovich, both related to Blade Runner) I'd be on that idea like batter on a deep-fried Scottish chocolate bar.

    In fact, that just gave me two ideas right there. Three, if you include the deep-fried Mars bar.

    But if it's a show or film I've never seen, or an idea that would take hundreds of hours of my spare time for something I have no love for, I'd decline.

    Because that's why I'm designing stuff. Sure: the prospect of money is nice, but I already have a full time job that pays the mortgage so I design in my spare time. I do it for the love of it. The thrill of learning techniques that cut the design process time in half without sacrificing on detail or intricacy. Seeing another person's design and being able to pick apart the components, appreciating how much time must have gone into their work. The camaraderie and pride I feel when one of the staff posts a link to one of my HINT: threads and says "Jackpot just posted a step-by-step way to give your designs pop. Check it out" because I'm helping them get more designs that don't go over the six color limit, and showing a few people one of those components and how it's done.

    So what's your idea?

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