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I have an extremely specific request that I would like to extend to you, Master Ribman. Maybe this should have gone in the suggestions forum, but I figured that since it was only for a specific person for an exact design, then maybe it shouldn't.


I would like to see a clone trooper family reunion shirt.

Across the top, "Fifth Annual Fett Family Reunion." Curved, in some kind of thick, cursive-y font.

Depicted, one man in normal clothing (Jango) one kid (Boba), and some clone troopers. All hanging out, talking, barbecuing. Just like you'd imagine a family reunion.

Under it, Republic Park, ~ BBY 7 (That'd be the year... I think that's how star wars years work...)

You could also throw attendance in somewhere. I think there were 200,000 clones? So something like that.

I would like for it to be faded looking, the same sort of way your "Mok 5" design is. And I would like for it to be on a custard/banana yellow type shirt. Nice and vintage feeling.

Ok, honestly. It doesn't have to be that exact, but that's what I had pictured, I think it'd be awesome, I like your art style, and I'm too lazy to draw that many people. Have fun. Take it or leave it. Just an idea :D

Mods: If this is out of place, feel free to delete.

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