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So I got my first shirt yesterday (Don't blink) and I am so happy with it! I compared the sizing with another tee site where I know what size worked well. I was pretty sure I need a women's L but got a M and an XL as well to be safe. I'm so glad I did now because they are a lot bigger than I was expecting from the measurements! The XL is huge, the L is a bit big, and the M is a hair baggier than I usually like so a S would be fine too. The M is definitely wearable though, so this is not a complaint or anything! Here's my three-part question:

1. To people who have recieved/tried on Don't Blink (especially in women's) and have other teefury shirts: Is this about how the shirts usually fit? I think I remember seeing a post about a particular shirt fitting differently but it may have been somewhere else.

2. Has anyone noticed sizing differences between colors? (ex. cream runs a bit small) This may sound odd but I've actually run into it before so I thought I'd check.

3. Do the shirts shrink? If so, how much?

Thanks! Sorry for all the questions but I want to make sure I have a good idea of the fit before I order more shirts! (I missed yesterday's unfortunately.)

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    165 weeks ago
    I can't answer number one, because I didn't buy the Don't Blink shirt. However, in regards to 2, my friends and I have definitely noticed a difference in sizing between different coloured shirts. I would definitely say that cream/natural shirts tend to run smaller than the other colours, at least in my experience. Also, the powder blue shirts are ALWAYS humongous compared to other colours. I've noticed that women's grey shirts that my friends and I own run a bit large as well, though that could just be a fluke because the men's grey shirts don't. It's actually really annoying because I never know based on a shirt colour if it will be too big or not so it puts me off buying certain shirts, though I'm generally safe with the cream/natural tops since the women's small doesn't run too large.

    In terms of shrinkage, I haven't really noticed my tops shrinking that much. My grey and natural shirts shrunk a tiny bit, but my two powder blue shirts didn't shrink at all which was disappointing. If you're worried about your tops shrinking, you can just air dry them instead...
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    165 weeks ago
    Normally I wear a size XL in mens, but for tee fury shirts, I always buy a XXL because of the length. All of my shirts have been the dark blue and they all seem to fit fine. To help avoid shrinkage, after I was them in cold water, I air dry them.

    As for the sizes it's hard to tell. My first non blue shirt was the Torchwood shirt and I am interested seeing how it fits
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    165 weeks ago
    I probably wouldn't have noticed, but I just compared my Angels shirt with a black teefury shirt and the Angels shirt was almost an inch wider. (Both shirts are unwashed in women's medium and the black one is only from about a month ago.) I also noticed they have different collars so maybe they get different colors from different places?

    I wash my shirts in cold or warm and always dry them on high. They do shrink, but they fit perfectly afterwards and I have to dry my jeans and hoodies on high so it's easier that way. I have considered buying small instead of medium but was worried it'd be too small with my washing tactics.

    I have teefury shirts in light blue, grey, black, and navy; I'll have to see how they compare in size post wash/dry.

    Also, if that other tee site prints on American apparel or used to and now has their own shirts that fit just like AA.... These shirts are curvier IMO. I wear a medium in AA because it fits at the waist but it's pretty tight at the bust and shoulders. Tee fury shirts seem to be about the same at the waist but not so tight elsewhere. Also I think AA shrinks up more.

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