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rss 165 weeks ago
I live in the UK the the postage is KILLING ME..

I love the shits so I was wondering if I put a shirt in my 'basket' and wait for another day.. will it still be in there or will it disappear when I add another one? I was thinking of saving up shits and then ordering like 10 in a row.. Just didn't know it it would work or not.

Any advice would be awesome ty!
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    165 weeks ago
    I'd stop calling them shits for a kick-off...

    The shirts are only available 24 hours, so once the new shirt is available you can't get the one you might have had in your basket from the day before.

    I did ask TeeFury a while ago about batching orders and sending them out once you've got a few, but they said it would be too complicated, which I can understand.

    You're getting a top quality shirt for like 11 quid though, it's not that bad...
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    165 weeks ago
    I didn't mean to say 'shits' t'was a typo, I wrote that very quickly before I had to go out. D:

    I can understand how it could be complicated.. also it works out about £19 + a shirt.
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    165 weeks ago
    I just checked my last order from about 6 weeks ago, it was $19, which was £12.16 in real money. That was a males XL.

    It's the fact you managed it twice that made me laugh.

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