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rss 166 weeks ago
Hey any of you know the user Strutterms? ( I won't post her real name to protect her privacy.)

We agreed to trade my Mario MD for her Rolling Deep. My delivery confirmation says Mario was delivered on 4/6/2011. While I am yet to receive mine.

I've sent a couple emails, but have received no answer.

I am sure it is all a misunderstanding, and some crisis has come up. If someone is in contact with her, let her know she can keep the shirt with my blessing.
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    166 weeks ago
    Sad to hear there was a hiccup in your trade. :( I applaud you for being the bigger person and giving her the benefit of the doubt, but I also appreciate you giving the community a heads-up that maybe this person shouldn't be traded with for the time being.
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    166 weeks ago
    did you get a DC # from her?
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    164 weeks ago
    No I didn't Niku. I have heard nothing since we both said we would be dropping our shirts in the mail the next day or so.

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