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rss 167 weeks ago
Hey guys!

I bought the awesome wax on wax off shirt from a week or so ago and it seems that it ran my order twice for some reason because i am getting 2 of the same sent to me.

This wasn't really what i planned to do.. (i just wanted 1 =p) so how can i change this or anything? =o i saw ppl trading shirts here? maybe some1 has offers(its a large) so id like to hear some ^^! oh and .. if there is any way to sell it to some1 else then id do that too =]

just a bit weird to have 2 of the same shirts xD so i was wondering if there is any way to solve it =p

Thanks in advance!
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    167 weeks ago
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    167 weeks ago
    What size is it? I'll buy it off of you it it's a male large. I missed the time limit :/

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