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rss 168 weeks ago
I have these three in unwashed, unworn mens medium.

So Say We Can Do It
Super Ernie-o World
Bowling. It's Not Just A Game Anymore

I am willing to trade for, in mens medium:
Serenity Sake
Count The Shadows
The Doctor Has Been Here
Le Royale
Bowties Are Cool
Han Shot First
Droid Berg
Apple Pi
Peach Nouveau
Snakes on a Cane
Gargle Blaster

post or email at [email protected]
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    168 weeks ago
    i would really like to get rid of these shirts.....
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    168 weeks ago
    I know it's not on your list but would you be willing to trade your So Say We Can Do It for a Zombie Killer Extraordinaire in men's medium?
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    168 weeks ago
    Would you trade Bowling for Just Under the Skin or 4 Ninjas in this Shirt? Both are also mens medium. Email me at [email protected]

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