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rss 157 weeks ago
I have an unworn Gallifrey Road in Women's Large that I would be willing to trade for something awesome.

If you have the following in a Women's M or L or a Men's S or M and would be willing to trade it for my Gallifrey Road shirt, please email me at [email protected]

Abercrombie and Quidditch (Gryffindor)
House Pride (Slytherin Quidditch)
Who (the one with the doctors in the TARDIS)
The Eleventh Doctor
Leia the Riveter
Not the Droids

I am only looking to TRADE not sell. And I will most likely only trade it for something from the above list, or possibly another Doctor Who, Star Wars or Harry Potter shirt, but they would have to be awesome.

And I am in Australia so shipping may be a bit expensive.

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