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rss 170 weeks ago
I have these shirts, from the last grab bag, that I'd like to trade.

Men's Large:
"Unprocessed Soylent Green"
"Bird's Eye"
"Shreds Pizzeria"

Men's Extra Large:
"Tatooine Suns"
"Baggins' Pawn Shop"

Open to any offers, for any of these, as long as they are men's L, XL or XXL
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    170 weeks ago
    I'd be willing to trade 3 larges for your 3 larges...
    I got:

    1 Rock'em Sock'em Candidates
    1 Cavity Fighters
    1 Twister Champion

    email is [email protected]
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    169 weeks ago
    Thanks for the offer, but I don't see any I'm really interested in right now.
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    169 weeks ago
    I have an XXL yetis love cocoa. I would trade for the Baggins Pawn Shop, otherwise how much would you sell it for?
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    169 weeks ago
    I have for Trade Men's L
    Appetite for Eternia by joebot
    We are Family by stevethomas
    Han Shot First by nakedderby
    Peach Nouveau by bisqueets
    I'm interested in Soylent Green

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