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rss 170 weeks ago
Well I never thought it would happen to me, but I missed out on yesterday's shirt, River Tam & The Fireflies. Been waiting for it to come out but I was on a plane and asleep most of the day :(

If anyone has one in a Men's Large (or XL) I'd be willing to Paypal for it. I also have the "So Say Can We Do It" shirt from January 10th:

You can email me at [email protected] or post here with offers. Thanks a ton for reading.
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    170 weeks ago
    Bump. I should also point out the So Say We Can Do It shirt is a Men's Large and I'd be willing to trade it for the Serenity one (I'd be willing to pay your shipping as well.)
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    168 weeks ago
    Bumpin'. If this other trade doesn't work out, I'll have a "Browncoats Forever" in a Men's Large to trade as well.
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    151 weeks ago
    Did you see this - the artist is selling them -
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    151 weeks ago
    I JUST sold my last men's Large shirt... hopefully you got in before they were all gone. If anyone else is looking, I still have women's small and mediums left :)

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