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rss 170 weeks ago
I have the following in XL to trade:

Old Boy by WinterArtwork
Heath by Lee Crutchley

And I'm looking to trade for any of the following in XL:

4 Ninjas in this Shirt. by zerobriant
Unprocessed Soylent Green by Captain RibMan
The Doctor has been here. by uniique_com
Zombie Killer Extraordinaire by Jack Lightfoot
Serenity Sake by Ian Leino
Exterminated by jimiyo
Destroy All Humans by AJ Paglia
Fail Whale Pale Ale by Ian Leino
Shreds Pizzeria by RubyRed
Snitches Be Crazy by christopher p coates
Toad Skull by Jason Tracewell

My wants are listed from most wanted to least, so trade offers for higher listed Tees will take priority. Please email me at [email protected] if you'd be interested in doing a trade. :)
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    170 weeks ago
    I have fail whale pale ale in xxl only washed once its in great condition can provide pics...would like old boy

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