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rss 282 weeks ago
Hey T-Fury,
Once upon a time you would show what that day's design looked like on the blanks (if they were different colours). Seems to me, maybe I have this wrong, that now you only show the design on the men's blank. I have to say I find it very helpful to see the design on the two blanks if they are different colours.
Is there a reason why this changed? Any reason why we can't go back to the old way of doing things?

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    282 weeks ago
    Reasonable request.

    I personally started making just one large comp because otherwise, to save space, I would usually shrink each version to 320 wide x 2, so the details of the design arent that much bigger than the model comp images. I figured better to see one big one than two medium-kinda small version.

    But it's a reasonable request, I will consider it from now on.


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