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rss 171 weeks ago
I've got a massive WIP folder with various drawings just waiting their turn to get all colored up and stuff. Figure it would be fun to share.
Once I finish the "Who Killed the Wicked Witch" illustration i am currently doing.

- Abe Fink-oln || A rat fink big daddy roth version of ol' abe lincoln (which when I'm taking a break from the "who/oz" shirt is the one I am working on.

-Mystic Seer || Twilight Zone inspired design (the devil bobbled head, fortune telling napkin dispenser..starring bill shatner)

-Robo-rama: The Great Robot Reunion || A big robot class picture with my favorites robots that I could fit into the illustration. Both from TV and movies. I've even included the carpet cleaning i-robot in their (not the Will Smith movie i-robot)

-Derelict || Zoolander inspired design with Mugatu.

-Space Invading Mods || pretty much that Space Invaders dressed as Mods with a vespa thrown in to boot.

-I (heart) Killing Zombies || a very sexy zombie killing illustration

-Hungry Cat || Self explanatory. Though Not what your probably imagining but still pretty straight forward

-Franken-buddha || a frankensteined-up version of Buddha

There are quite a few more but this is basically the list I'll be working on for the next few months in between client work. Got to keep busy.
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    171 weeks ago
    Please hold off on Franken-Buddha until I can find another job, because that concept alone is must-buy.
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    171 weeks ago
    Its not at the top of the list but it is one I'm looking forward to doing.
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    171 weeks ago
    The robo-rama and the mystic seer would be pretty cool.
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    171 weeks ago
    Needed to tak a little breather from the Who/Oz design and finishing the Abe Fink-oln one off.
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    155 weeks ago
    Your artwork looks oddly familiar. Ever been to the Court Tavern in New Brunswick, NJ?
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    155 weeks ago
    razz007 said: -Space Invading Mods || pretty much that Space Invaders dressed as Mods with a vespa thrown in to boot.

    Coincidence! I've been working on a design with similarities to this for about a month. I hadn't posted it anywhere and it's different enough that the two can coexist (mine doesn't have Mods in it). T-shirt designers seem to think on the same wavelength. Good luck with your design. :)

    As the Matt Dearden cartoon said yesterday...
    Need to think of a new idea.
    Aha! I got a good one.
    I'll just check to see if it's been done before...

    This happens to me at least twice a week, every week. :|

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