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rss 171 weeks ago
I have the following:

Old Boy - Large - Trade -
Sesame Six - Large - Trade -
The Chiefs - Large - Trade -

looking for the following:

80 MPH
Bat Fett
Best Buddies
Bonus Stage
Choco Puffs
Doc Fink
Hammer Bros.
I Drive 88MPH
Kung Fu Soccer
Lava Ward
Not the Droids
Pac's Disguise
Save the Clock Tower
Super Fettio Bros.

If you have anything else in Mens large or Medium let me know. Thanks
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    171 weeks ago
    I have a mens large 'Ghostbutters' that I'd trade for the oldboy or chiefs, if you're interested.

    ghostbutters doesn't show up in the gallery for some reason, but it looks like this...
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    171 weeks ago
    castro - I would trade the Chiefs for Ghostbutters
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    171 weeks ago
    i'm at [email protected] if you wanna shoot me an e-mail/exchange info.

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    171 weeks ago
    For some reason I cant send you an email. Can you send me an email matt.sikora at
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    171 weeks ago
    Anyone else interested?
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    171 weeks ago
    Interested in either of these for Old Boy?

    Rock'Em Sock'Em Candidates
    just under the skin
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    171 weeks ago
    Not really interested in those sorry. The Chiefs has been trade. Still have the others.

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