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rss 171 weeks ago
Hey guys,

I got 5 Mens Medium Shirts I am willing to trade:

Twister Champion
Infinte Bacon
Not Kool
Apple Pi
Rolling Deep

I am desperately after the following:

Peach Nouveau
Mario MD

and maybe to a lesser extent:

Legend of Pizza
Oz Wars
Star Walk
Who Watches the Empire

Please let me know if you would like to trade via my email @ [email protected]

P.S. I live in Australia so please don't be shocked at the extensive shipping cost. As I am prepared to fork out the extra fee Aus now has on shipping to the states. (First this now MK banned =( waaaaahhhhh)
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    171 weeks ago
    I will also trade for Apple Pi in Womens Small. Otherwise all men's M Thanks!

    *Bump* =P
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    171 weeks ago
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    171 weeks ago
    i have in Men's Medium both new never worn
    either I'd be willing to trade for Not Kool
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    171 weeks ago
    Yep willing to trade return of the living geeks for not kool. Just email me.

    NOTE: Apple Pi has now been spoken for =)
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    171 weeks ago
    Would you be willing to trade Rolling Deep for either 4 Ninjas in this Shirt or Just Under the Skin in mens medium?
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    171 weeks ago
    would you take
    "bowling. just not a game anymore"
    or "a frog"?
    for rolling deep?
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    171 weeks ago
    @nmerrit: Already got 4 ninjas and not interested in Under the SKin

    @slizedew: Already got Bowling and not interested in rolling deep.

    Sorry guys
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    171 weeks ago
    I am now willing to buy the following if they don't want it:

    Peach Nouveau (Mens M)
    Mario MD (Mens M)

    I'm probably also willing to do a 2 for one swap if you want

    Please keep in mine that Not Kool and Apple Pi have been spoken for, thanks.
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    171 weeks ago

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