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rss 158 weeks ago
Hey guys, have a couple shirts from the last two grab bags. Contrary to what TeeFury might think of me, I do not like bacon.

Bacon is Good for Me
Men's XXL

Infinite Bacon (Mobius Strip)
Men's XXL

Live in Canada (slower shipping for cross-border) and happy to ship in North America, looking primary for trades and I'm open to a lot. Otherwise just $6 plus shipping for each.

Have a couple Harry Potter shirts, love animals, most things 80s sit well, or absolutely anything Firefly. Pitch me something?
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    158 weeks ago
    I've got Bat Fett and In your Eyes available. i live in canada as well.
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    157 weeks ago
    Ive got doctor who Bowtie are cool for you infinite bacon. im the US but I would not mind shipping to canada if it not too expensive.

    let me know [email protected]
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    157 weeks ago
    I have:
    Choco Puffs (3/6/11)
    Doc Fink (2/17/11)
    Appetite for Eternia (2/16/11)

    I would be interested to know what HP shirts you have. :-D
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    157 weeks ago
    Thanks for the offers! Responded to one already, superrama sorry but I'm not interested in the bowtie.

    @rebeckerz Might be interested in Doc Fink, but I'll have to think about it. And the only ones up for trade are the two I have posted.
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    141 weeks ago
    Just a bump, didn't end up trading either of these shirts.

    Anyone have anything to offer? At this point I'm just looking for something interesting.

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