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rss 171 weeks ago
Alright, first time poster here (been buying for a while though), just got my grab bag tee in the mail the other day.

I have: Mens Large:
"You've Been Outcreeped"

There are some slightly older ones I missed but would really want. I'd trade my shirt +$5 (extra cash due to the fact that these prints are a little older) for one of these in Men's Large:

"Very Strange Time in My Life"

"True Love Never Lies"

(I'd take either of those if they've been used and still in good conditions)

And for just a straight trade, I'd be willing to trade for
"It's a Trap"

Hope to strike a deal here, thanks!
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    171 weeks ago
    Not sure if bumping is against the rules, but "bump" haha.

    Info I forgot to add in the original message: you can contact me at [email protected]

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