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rss 171 weeks ago
Looking to trade some tees I got in a grab bag.

Offering in XXL:

The Chiefs (washed, new)
Super Ernie-o world (new out of the bag/REALLY want to get rid of this one)
Back to the Island (new out of the bag)

Wanting in XXL (most wanted first)

Tragedy and Comedy (would really like to get my hands on this one)
Serenity Sake
Slice of Life Tours
Soylent Green
Han Shot First
House Pride
Best Served Cold
LOL-cat Taxonomy

Let me know if you want to attempt a trade.

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    171 weeks ago
    It's not on the list but I have a Prehistoric Family Dude brand new in XXL I can trade ya.
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    171 weeks ago
    I have cavity fighters in XXL I'd like to trade for Back to the Island

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