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rss 172 weeks ago
Hey there. I've managed to trade/sell off all my shirts from the last grab bag except one, that being the LOST reference shirt "Rock em Sock em Candidates." The shirt is a Men's Large.

I'd be willing to sell this one as well, or otherwise the designs I'd be more interested in (in a Men's Large or I suppose XL,) are (in order of preference:)

Serenity Sake
Peach Nouveau
So Say We Can Do It
Koopa Country
Snitches Be Crazy
Who Watches the Empire
Swell Well
Control Bot 4000
Oz Wars

Willing to consider all offers of course. Thanks for reading.
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    171 weeks ago
    I have a brand new So Say We Can Do It in Men's Large from the grab bag. I would LOVE that lost shirt. If you're up for it, email me [email protected]
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    171 weeks ago
    If I don't get any other offers in the day or so, I'll take you up on that drbywho.
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    171 weeks ago
    One last bump just to see if there are any other offers.
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    140 weeks ago
    Hello! It is probably too late but if you still have it I am willing to purchase it.

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