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rss 172 weeks ago
Hey all,
I've got a Fail Whale Pale Ale and Prehistoric Family Dude that I would love to trade.

Shirts I'd Prefer to trade for:
Baggins Pawn Shop
Slytherin Quidditch
Unprocessed Soylent Green
Who watches the Empire

If you have other shirts feel free to post. I'm always up for another trade.
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    172 weeks ago
    I would love to trade Cavity Fighters in XXL for the Fail Whale
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    172 weeks ago
    Sorry Geary, not really interested in that shirt.
    Thanks though.
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    172 weeks ago
    Have mens xxl Koopa the Hut or Rolling Deep for the Fail Whale
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    172 weeks ago
    Probably not interested but worth a shot...

    I have Buddhabot or The Doctor was here for Fail whale pale ale?
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    169 weeks ago
    I know it's been awhile azar, went on Vaca. But I'd still be willing to trade for the Doctor was here. Fail Whale still hasn't been worn.

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