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rss 172 weeks ago
I have in woman's large:
Papa skull
swell well

I'd like to trade for woman's large but I would take men's medium as well
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    172 weeks ago
    edit: I am really looking for

    Tintin Man
    Shred's Pizzeria
    Oz Wars
    Save The Clock Tower
    Tatooine Suns
    Old Boy

    But I'm open to other offers and sizes
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    172 weeks ago
    Hey there, I have a bunch of W L and a few W XL shirts for trade. Hit me up: emily_mccallum (at) hotmail (dot) com :)
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    172 weeks ago
    I have save the clock tower in a WM. any chance you'd trade for Swell well? email's [email protected]
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    172 weeks ago
    Swell Well is gone. Papa Skull is still up for trade :)

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