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rss 172 weeks ago
This was the first shirt I bought on the site, and I thought a medium would be good, but after trying it on, I decided that it's too big. If anyone would be willing to trade for a woman's small in anything Dr. Who-, Star Wars-, Harry Potter-, Hitchhiker's Guide-, or just plain geekdom-related (I love Apple Pi), I'd appreciate it. Or if you ordered a small and decided you want a medium "The Whos," please let me know....

This is the shirt I have...
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    172 weeks ago
    You're sure you won't accept a medium? I've got an I Drive 88 MPH shirt in a medium and I'd LOVE "The Whos"...
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    171 weeks ago
    So I know you said you want a Women's S, but I have a Count The Shadows shirt in a M if you'd be interested.

    I'd also be willing to buy the shirt from you. I've been looking everywhere for it!
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    171 weeks ago
    I have infinite bacon in a woman's medium if you're intrested I'd love the shirt :)
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    152 weeks ago
    Is it still available?

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