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rss 172 weeks ago
Hello Fellow Teefurians!

I have one shirt I would like to trade, if anyone has any interest.

Pulpit rock

Looking for a trade for Men's Medium OR Women's XL

Most wanted are in bold Dark Side Of The Triforce , Peach Nouveau , Time Warp, Miskatonic Uni, In Your Eyes, Star Walk, Coexist, Cocoa, Toad Skull , Old Boy, Best Buddies, Boo, Hello LionO, Earths Krust, The Who, Cantina Road, Hammer Bros, Zombie Care Bear, Respect The Chemistry, Control Bot 4000
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    172 weeks ago
    Here is a link to the shirt too
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    172 weeks ago
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    171 weeks ago
    No, It's a Men's Medium as stated, but willing to swap for Women's XL as well as Men's Medium (about the same size)

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