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So this might actually be something that is addressed elsewhere on the site and I'm just not clever enough to find it..

But who decides what colors the shirts are going to be?
Is that something the designer chooses? Or does Teefury? Or is it a matter of availability?

I'm mostly asking because I'm curious as to know why certain designs are certain colors for guys, and then a different color for girls. I hate to say it, but there's quite a few shirts I haven't bought purely because of shirt color.. which smurfs, because the designs themselves are oftentimes phenomenal and then ruined by the color of the shirt. (at least when it comes to chickie shirts.)

If it's a question of color availability.. it might actually be kinda nice to have one or two shirt colors for each gender, and let teefurians choose which they prefer. I don't know if I"m the only nit-picker refusing to buy because of shirt color but, really, it's kinda a nice thought.

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    159 weeks ago
    The artist suggests the shirt color, and TeeFury weighs that against availability and customer demand.

    Generally when you see that the colors are different for men and women it is because one (or even both) of the colors is only available for one gender. That's a decision the shirt manufacturer makes.

    We do our best to work within those constraints to provide shirts in colors that the most people possible can enjoy :)
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    159 weeks ago
    Oh, I see. Okay, that makes sense.
    I didn't even put into account the shirt manufacturer, for whatever reason.

    Thanks so much for explaining that.

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