I finally broke down and decided that I will have to pay some money for shirts I have been wanting for a while.

I am looking for WXL in good condition. They don't have to be new/never worn, but used is fine as long as they are free of rips, stains, tears, cracking, etc. Basically if it doesn't look good, it's not in good condition.

I am willing to pay $18 (shipped) for the following shirts. (Yes, meaning if you will get less money if you don't live in the US).

My Son
Love Child
Twenty O'Clock
Trap Them All
Serentiy Sake
Storm in A Tea Cup
Coffy Rabbit
Extreme Coffee
Peach Nouveau

If you have any to sell, please email me at jsteele31415 at the gmail dot com place.

You would really make my day if I could get my hands on any of these!
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    172 weeks ago
    I have a Just Under The Skin in mens small.... are you interested?
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    172 weeks ago
    No, thanks though! :)
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    171 weeks ago
    Still looking for a Trap Them all? I bought one and then got ond in a grab bag, I'm certainly willing to sell the newer one. It's washed, but unworn. I could send you a photo if you like.
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    171 weeks ago
    Got your email! I am sure we can work something out! :)
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    162 weeks ago
    check redbubble!

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