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I finally received my grab bag, and while I loved all the designs I do want to see if it's possible to trade/sale The Chiefs (has not be worn).

It's a very nice design, but I don't have an Xbox thus I have no idea what Halo is. (PS3 FTW,haha).

My other shirts that are large were a bit baggy so I can take L or M. But I prefer it'll shrink.

So yeah, just wondering if anyone wants it, if not, well I have another nice shirt for my collection...even if I have no idea who/what a MasterChief is. :)

[edit] Forgot to add- I love all things Doctor Who, Star Wars, Lost....and anything that involved movies. Oh and anything with comics. I'm open to anything really.


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    172 weeks ago
    Don't know why my title was shortened, well if someone enters this and is interested send me an email at

    [email protected]

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