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rss 160 weeks ago
All three are unwashed/unworn and are mens medium

Bowling. It's not just a game anymore

Cavity Fighters

Toad Skull

I would take almost anything, but I prefer Doctor Who themed shirts.

email at [email protected]
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    160 weeks ago
    I have Super Ernie-o World and Zombie Killer Extraordinaire in a womans Medium for trade with the Bowling, it's not just a game anymore shirt if you like.
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    160 weeks ago
    Gemini, still don't wanna take me up for my deal? Todays shirt for Bowling? :) hit me up at [email protected] before 1145pm (eastern) if you change your mind...
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    160 weeks ago
    I prefer to take Mens medium, my mistake for not mentioning that in the post.

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