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rss 172 weeks ago
My grab bag didn't work out so well... one of the shirts I already had and I'm not overly crazy about any of the other 5. I'm looking to trade for other WXL shirts. Or I'll sell one to you if you really want it. =)

Shirts I have: (unwashed/unworn)
Legend of Pizza
Times Are Changing
The Chiefs
Infinite Bacon
The First Rule

Shirts I would definitely trade for:
Papa Skull
Peach Nouveau
Death by Cuteness
The Sesame Six
Have You Ever Seen A Portal?
You've Been Outcreeped
Toad Skull
Best Served Cold
Yetis Love Hot Cocoa
Serenity Sake
+ many others. I'm just not into Star Wars/Dr Who shirts.
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    172 weeks ago
    If anyone has any horror-related shirts, I would definitely trade for them. Thanks. =)

    Email me if it's easier: [email protected]
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    172 weeks ago
    I also have these (and a couple shirt.woot randoms that I got) listed on teetrade under the same username.
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    172 weeks ago
    I'll purchase the Legend of Pizza
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    172 weeks ago
    email me at [email protected]
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    172 weeks ago
    Sorry, someone had already emailed me about a trade for that shirt.
    .. but I still have all the rest, if anyone is interested!

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